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In order to understand our firm’s philosophy, one must first understand the firm’s creation. Jagdish Motiram Vachhani came to the United States from India in the 1970’s. Though he was a respected and decorated fighter pilot in the nation of his birth, when he came to the United States he knew not what his life would hold for him. With a need to support his family, an innate inclination to help others, and a burning frustration with his own immigration process, Mr. Vachhani put himself through law school in record time vowing to practice Immigration law and help people who were like him- people who had come to America with a dream and but a dollar. During his life, Mr. Vachhani proudly built what he referred to as a “boutique law firm,” assisting people from all over the globe to obtain immigration status in the United States. Mr. Vachhani was constantly involved in the South Asian Community; he was committed to build and create notoriety for what is known today as “Little India” in Artesia, California; he spent hours fundraising, building, and assisting with the legal processes of Southern California Hindu Temples; and tirelessly working on projects to build clean-water systems and hospitals in India’s poorest of neighborhoods. Though the firm grew to one of the largest South Asian Immigration Law Firm on the west coast, Mr. Vachhani was determined to make each and every client feel as though their case was getting the specialized attention that it deserved.


When Mr. Vachhani passed his daughter, Sungina Jagdish Vachhani, stepped into her father’s lofty shoes. Ms. Vachhani has since expanded the practice to include not only Immigration Law but Family Law as well. Having been a product of Southern California, Ms. Vachhani’s community interest projects have been primarily focused on introducing and educating Los Angeles County youths on careers in the law. Ms. Vachhani is also committed to seeing gender equality within the legal profession; she is highly involved with the Women’s Lawyer’s Association of Los Angeles, and she has been a speaker at many events regarding Women’s Leadership. Like her father, her decision to pursue the law was borne from a desire to help people, to alleviate their stresses, and to provide honest professional services.


We proudly leverage the best of both worlds: the old and the new. Our Firm is defined by an invaluable wealth of experience and rooted in a genuine craving to create client satisfaction, coupled with the vigor of an ever-evolving, results-oriented, technologically savvy perspective, representing the new world. Vachhani Law has an abundance of something that is difficult to acquire- years of real-world experience. This provides an ability to navigate the complexities of the law with ease, and our experience also means proven results for nearly half a century.