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We believe that the best solutions start with the best strategy and advice. Putting our client’s interest first, we explore, assess, and personally advise at every stage of the litigation process, with a commitment to finding smart, practical, and timely solutions to the most complex cases.


Sungina J. Vachhani, Esq. has significant experience in the California Superior Courts and is highly regarded within the community. Having earned an exceptional reputation over the years, our office understands the day-to-day realities of handling both contentious and agreeable family matters. We put our experience, professionalism, and perspective into practice in Superior Courts all over the state.

What We Do


✔ Dissolution of Marriage
✔ Child Support
✔ Alimony/Spousal Support
✔ Child Custody
✔ Move-Away Orders
✔ Domestic Violence Restraining Order
✔ Defense Against Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
✔ Guardianships
✔ Pre-Nuptial Agreements
✔ Post-Nuptial Agreements
✔ Paternity
✔ Collaborative/Uncontested Divorce
✔ Mediation


Assisting in Family Law matters across Southern California, including but not limited to, Whittier Court, Long Beach Court, Stanley Moske/Los Angeles County Court, Compton Court, Torrance Court, Pasadena Court, Pomona Court, Van Nuys Court, Orange County Courthouses- Lamoreaux Justice Center, and Santa Ana Court, Riverside County Courts, and San Bernardino County Courts.