About Us

Jagdish M. Vachhani, Esq.

Founder and Principal

1946 - 2001 

The Law Offices of Vachhani & Associates was founded by Attorney Jagdish Motiram Vachhani, Esq. (Late) in 1984.  When Mr. Vachhani, an immigrant himself, arrived from India in 1974 the immigration process for he and his growing family was a struggle, riddled with pitfalls and unknown laws. It was then that Vachhani decided he wanted to prevent others from having the same troubles. His drive and determination got him through law school in record time, and he soon began taking clients in his own garage.  As his reputation grew, so did the number of clients, and before one could blink an eye Mr. Vachhani grew one of the largest South Asian Immigration practices on the west coast.  Known for his unabashed honesty, hard work, and integrity, Mr. Vachhani served as a strong role model for the Immigration community as well as his daughter Sungina J. Vachhani, Esq. 

Sungina J. Vachhani, Esq.

 CA State Bar No. 243879

After her father's passing, Attorney Sungina J. Vachhani has taken over the firm, expanding the practice areas to include not only immigration law, but family law as well. Sungina graduated with a double bachelor's degree from the University of California, Riverside (Bachelor's of Science in Sociology, with an emphasis in Law & Society; Bachelor's of Arts in English), and thereafter attended law school at Pepperdine University, before finally graduating with her Juris Doctorate degree from Trinity Law School- noted the youngest graduate in the history of their program. With her sights on success, Attorney Vachhani carries the same positive traits as her father- unabashed honesty and a complete understanding of the law, adding a twist of business savvy and technological know-how.  

Our Mission

Over 30 years ago The Law Office of Vachhani & Associates opened its doors to immigrants from all over the world with the goal of providing platinum legal services via approachable attornies who work honestly and zealously on each and every matter, whether big or small.  Today, we stand by those same goals; our attornies are held to the highest ethical standard, representing clients with compassion- a trait which is not often seen in the legal industry.